A Modern, Laidback & Intimate Wedding

Charlotte, a Nail Artist, and Dan, a Barber, tied the knot on 1st June 2019, by having an intimate city wedding, celebrating afterward with family and friends at – a well-known restaurant around King's Road in London.



Charlotte was very keen to locate a dress that will help her express her feeling of identity and inventive spirit.

"For me, creativity and individuality are essential – I searched high and low for any different lace wedding dress, but special enough for the wedding. I'm not keen on the traditional wedding gown style."

"I chose this FeelTimes dress ultimately because of its uniqueness and also the fact it had been made by a little, independent designer. I knew it had been unlikely that other people would have an identical design."

The bride didn't wish to make an enormous statement with flowers around the day and opted instead for dried flowers, which she sourced from.

"Their boho sunshine assortment of dried flowers arrived securely and perfectly intact."

I love how the bride-to-be recollects her favorite moment in the day…

"My dad walking me on the aisle – I've always wanted him to get this done! Also, seeing Dan's face because he saw me during my dress! And of course, staying in Blakes London Hotel."

The groom would be a little nervous throughout the ceremony and thus no fancy vows were exchanged, just simple, meaningful commitments.

"I would be a wild child becoming an adult with a few issues and Dan calms me down and keeps me grounded. I never thought I wanted a basic life and not appreciated the need for contentment, so my sister chose an extract from Dolly Alderton's 'Everything I Know About Love."

The couple hired the wonderful Joanna Bongard to document their day in images. I'm an excellent fan of Joanna's work, I have to say (more weddings by Joanna here).

"I knew I wanted Joanna Bongard from seeing her focus on Instagram – she's so professional, so friendly and informal, yet takes charge when she must control the herd. She is flawless – and worth it."

"Our first dance ended up being to Alton Ellis's 'You've Made Me So Very Happy' because I have a problem with depression and Dan is different from my life and hopefully my encouragement in the career is different from his too."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Do that which you two wish to do, ie, only have who you want at the wedding."

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