A Sun-Drenched Wedding on Italy's Amalfi Coast

Come around then for that wedding of the yoga teacher, and her love Dan, a sustainable investment manager.


They were married on the 25 August 2019 at, Sorrento, Italy, which looks out within the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius.

The couple within this wedding we're sharing today exchanged vows whilst overlooking the blue waters from the Mediterranean Sea, in an elegant villa right around the Amalfi Coast. The wedding day seemed to be filled with touching details like a tribute towards the bride's much-missed mother and inspired by chic 1960s and 70s style.

"We got engaged in Sorrento, and that we find we gravitate towards the Amalfi Coast most summers, once we just love everything about this – food, culture, people, sun, vino, not to mention, the views. We were inspired partly because of our shared love of everything old – vintage chic. The era we particularly were attracted to was a sophisticated late 60s / early 70s vibe, partly inspired by my mother's wedding gown and wedding. It would be a little tribute to her, as she's no longer around, sadly."

The bridesmaid wore lavender bridesmaid dresses, embroidered with colorful flowers, combined with their selection of shoes, and necklaces, that have been thanking you gifts from Gill.

"Dan and I at Cardiff Uni. We lived together during our first year in university halls, Talybont. We were close friends before lovers. Dan proposed in Sorrento. It was very romantic."

"We were staying in the Grand Hotel Ambasciatori, and also at the end of the first evening, after much wine and pizza (my fave), he required onto the balcony overlooking the sea and Vesuvius, and also got down on one knee. We had an extended engagement of 3 years, once we felt no rush to obtain married, and enjoyed the engagement period." Here

Dan wore a beautifully tailored dinner jacket and trousers, inside a shade of deep navy with contrasting black silk lapels. He also wore a vintage white shirt, and a blue velvet bow tie, along with a simple white pocket square.

The groomsmen looked smart in suits and custom-made bow ties.

After an amazing sunset along with a wonderful dinner, the time had come for cake and dancing.

"The wedding cake was included within our gala dinner, created and produced on-site through the villa/venue. We decided on a classic Italian lemon sponge, with vanilla icing, along with a shot of Limoncello around the side."

"The venue recommended us to their local musicians. Biaggio's four-piece band played throughout the five-course dinner, and the first hour of dancing, including performing our first dance song, Moon River. We knew the precise songs we desired to dance our socks on, so we find the set-list ourselves for that venue's DJ."

"For me, my favorite part of the day was being with everyone I love in this magical setting. You could have love and happiness all day and all sorts of night. We wouldn't change anything."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"We worked as a team around the wedding just once we do in everyday life. Planning the marriage together is much more fun, and almost stress-free, instead of trying to plan /do everything yourself. Even if you think you've imagined this day all of your life, you most likely haven't really. Remember the day is all about both of you, your life together to date, and just how best to encapsulate and celebrate that in only one day."

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