Rewardable, Interchangeable Bridesmaid Dresses

I've watched FeelTimes push out and innovate every year, then when she felt the time had come to create gowns for that bride's best ladies, she wasn't just going to produce any old regular fancy frock – these stylish, modern and flattering designs happen to be made to b

Dresses are available in the colors navy, dusty rose bridesmaid dresses, and pewter – with increased cool hues en route.

The FeelTimes bridesmaid collection has something for everybody – from my signature separates to dresses or even a jumpsuit. They've all been made to be worn around the wedding day, then integrated into your wardrobe afterward to wear over and over, styled in your unique way.

"Every bride who walks through our door is unique and our differences ought to be celebrated. I wanted to hold my mission statement of 'being the bride to be you wish to be' right through to the wedding ceremony by creating an edit of ultra-flattering, interchangeable pieces that look fabulous together as well as allow every bridesmaid to feel incredible around the big day and beyond."

Tell us what inspired you to produce the FeelTimes bridesmaid collection?

"I simply love offering the very best inside a woman and my bridal collection is designed with individuality and interchangeability in your mind so I desired to extend that towards the bridal party too. Sister is an assortment of separates and dresses in a jumpsuit made to flatter everyone's shape. "Be the bride to be you wish to be" is our mantra why should it be any different for bridesmaids?"

Were you inspired by any particular muse in creating this collection?

"I don't possess a particular muse, no, but I'm constantly inspired by my brides, my team, and also the wonderful women around me. I take a look at us all and we were so different, with various shapes and styles and I started to think about what we'd all wear as we were all bridesmaids."

How can you describe the SISTER aesthetic and vibe?

"It's bridesmaids although not as you know it! The pieces are cool, modern, and have plenty of fun having a fashion sensibility."

"Inclusivity has played a huge role within the design and development of this collection. No a couple of my friends are identical, or want to put on the same thing so I felt very passionately about giving that choice without compromising on style."

Speaking as someone who was built with a huge number of bridesmaids inside my wedding, I know from experience that dressing several fabulous, diverse women in a way where they think amazing, yet seem like a cohesive wedding party is challenging! Luckily, that's what myself and my team do each day.

What will brides as well as their maids love?

"I think the interchangeability and also the choice is key. No one wants to put on something they don't like!"

"The pieces could be styled in a wide variety of ways and can look fabulous around the big day, altogether, and then is going to be worn over and over afterward."

"FeelTimes dresses aren't typical bridesmaids dresses by any means – they’re cool and thus chic and not made to be worn only once. They can easily be integrated into your everyday wardrobe which's something I feel very enthusiastic about, particularly at any given time when we ought to be considering the impact in our consumer choices around the environment."

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